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How to play The Twisted Circus at 918kiss

918kiss Singapore is increasingly proving itself to be a competitor to other powerful brands. Known for a wide range of services from sports betting to attractive casino games. The live casino experiences that are offered by 918kiss Singapore are definitely among the best in the world . Live casino games enhance another level of excitement as you can play at your own comfort.  

918kiss Singapore is one of the top bookies and has made a big breakthrough in applying the most advanced and modern technology applications; bring users the best products.

A new Slot Game theme that Microgaming brings to players is The Twisted Circus. Here players will meet familiar characters in the circus with top attractive payout rates. Learn how to play The Twisted Circus at 918kiss Singapore Slot Game below.


What is The Twisted Circus?

Twisted Circus is The game features the same highly rated graphics with many interesting icons. It is a Slot Game set in an eccentric circus.

Game Overview

  • RTP: 96.360 %

  • Reels: 5

  • Payment line: 243

  • Minimum bet: 3.00

  • Max bet: 1200.00

  • Free Spins Bonus: Have

  • Other Bonuses: Have

  • Jackpot: No

  • Max win: 416,000x

  • Trial: Have

General rules of the game

  • All 243 paylines will be permanently activated.

  • The face value of the player's bet is the total bet calculated in credits per spin.

  • 30 odds apply for each spin.

  • The total bet in credits per spin is the bet equal to the player's credits multiplied by the bet multiplier. An indicator of the total bet equal to the credit score of each spin will be displayed in the game.

  • All pay tables will show the winnings for each combination.

  • Multiple winning combinations will be paid out according to the specified payline.

  • Only one winning combination with a bonus symbol is paid for each spin and the player will be paid the highest winnings.

  • Money winnings with bonus symbols and bonus play are added to the money winnings.

  • If the player has a winning combination, this win will be highlighted on the reels. If the player does not have a winning combination, the game will end and the player can play again.

The Twisted Circus Symbols

Regular symbols

  • Matching symbols must be next to each other on an active payline.

  • Winning combinations will pay out from left to right, starting from the first coin reel.

  • The payouts do not usually depend on the total bet per spin.




Fire dance guy




Snake performance girl




Athlete guy




Koi fish princess




Cheerful clown




Magician girl




Charming girl




Monkey playing accordion




Odd multiples symbol

  • This symbol will multiply the payoffs of any combinations completed by this symbol as a wild symbol by 3.

  • During the free spins, the odd multiples symbol multiplies the payoffs of every combination completed as a wild symbol by 9.

  • This symbol will not substitute for the bonus symbol.

  • The Odd Multiples symbol will generate their own winning combinations, these payouts are not multiplied.

Scatter symbol

  • This symbol does not need to appear on an active payline to win.

  • This symbol cannot be replaced by the wild symbol.

  • Money winnings with bonus symbols depend on the player's total bet.

Bonus symbol of the bonus play

  • This symbol does not need to appear on an active payline to win.

  • This symbol only appears on reels 3, 4 and 5.

  • The symbol cannot replace the wild symbol.

  • Winnings with the bonus symbol will depend on the player's total bet.

Free Spins Bonus Game

  • All wins are tripled during the free spins except for the Circus Match bonus match.

  • The last bet the player made during the game is used as the bet in the free spins.

  • It is possible to re-trigger the free spins.

  • Winnings will be automatically collected at the end of the free spins.

Circus Match Bonus Game

  • Players choose each gift box to try and match symbols.

  • If the player finds 3 wild symbols the player gets paid for all symbols.

  • The money winnings shown in the bonus play have been multiplied by the player's total bet, only the money winnings are shown.

  • The bonus game can be triggered during the free spins.

  • The money winnings will also be automatically collected at the end of extra games.

How to play The Twisted Circus at 918kiss

  • Step 1: Login to 918kiss app

  • Step 2: Choose the game The Twisted Circus

At the homepage, players choose JACKPOT AND GAME > SLOT > Search and select The Twisted Circus.

  • Step 3: Play the game The Twisted Circus


Twisted Circus Slot game with an interesting adventure theme promises to bring players the most exciting experiences at the online 918kiss. Please do not hesitate to try it right now…

Players can learn more about others online casino games in Singapore at to increase the experience here.

As referenced in the past, Blackjack is a round of ability which implies that on the off chance that you rely just upon karma, you may be lost in an extensive stretch. The aftereffect of each hand may be significantly influenced if the players utilize precisely a fundamental technique. Picking whether to stand or to hit is consistently a troublesome decision, yet in the event that you perceive the significant activity of these choices, you can choose accurately the best move in every particular circumstance and diminish extraordinarily the gambling club benefit. 

Consequently, it is important to be familiar with these fundamental moves and the circumstances in which it is ideal to utilize them so you can get a better cognizance of Blackjack. Keep perusing with to carries a lot of adequacy to your hand while playing Blackjack. 


The Hit and Stand Moves 

One decision which you unquestionably make in each Blackjack game, in the wake of setting your bet and getting your two first cards, is whether to stand or to hit. In Blackjack, the manner in which you draw one more card which is conveyed face up to you is called hitting. You can take the action hit by tapping the Blackjack table with your finger. The greater part of the players regularly apply this move in the event that they get a powerless hand and they attempt to expand its complete to overcome the seller. 

Another move that you can utilize while playing this game is standing which implies that you simply finish your turn and don't draw any card. In the event that you select the move stand, your hand gets the all out esteem which keeps steady and the game continues going appropriately. To show this move, you need to move your hand evenly over the Blackjack table. By and large, the speculators select remaining on the off chance that they get the absolute estimation of their hand agreeably or their danger of losing everything is high. 

The hit and stand moves play a significant job in each game on the grounds that, much of the time, you are approached to choose one of these two moves and this alternative will choose the aftereffect of your hand whether it will be negative or positive. In spite of different drops like multiplying down or parting, standing and hitting are constantly given despite the gambling club and the variety. 

It is important to perceive which move will be the awesome each circumstance to diminish your misfortunes essentially. 

When To Hit 

As referenced above, you should hit to attempt to improve your hand's aggregate. It is extremely important to consistently recollect that your principle objective is to arrive at 21 or an absolute which is near this number however much as could reasonably be expected, without surpassing 21 since you lose right away. Other than that, numerous specialists in the gambling club field have been determined that the normal estimation of one hand to win is 18.5 so that to win, you don't have to get 21 focuses definitely. 

To decide when is ideal to apply to hit, it is vital to think about your busting chances. For instance, on the off chance that you select to hit and you get one hand in which its complete is 17, your dangers of beating are down to 69%, however on the off chance that the all out estimation of your hand is lower than or equivalent to 11, the chances are 0%. This is on the grounds that there is no card in the deck that will lead you to go more than 21 and along these lines, you won't lose right away. 

By drawing one more card, you can improve your hand and raise your chances to crush the seller since, toward the finish of each round, the player who gets the most noteworthy all out is the victor. By and large, the hit move is utilized most in this game since it brings the players the opportunity to make a complete with higher incentive by picking an additional card. Be that as it may, there are likewise numerous circumstances which are not reasonable on the off chance that you utilize this move since it won't be viable and it will be smarter to stay away from it. 

When To Stand 

By and large, you should utilize this move when you accept that your hand's complete is sufficient for you to be a victor. Since your conclusions are constantly relied upon your aggregate and the vendor's up-card, in the event that he gets a card with high worth and you believe that his dangers of busting are high, in these cases, the best arrangement is to stand. More players fail to remember that there is one all the more method to win Blackjack and consistently face unneeded challenges by attracting one more card to attempt to improve their hand, yet unfortunately, much of the time, they get the converse outcomes. 

When To Stand in blackjack 

Following a fundamental system, there are numerous circumstances that it is ideal to stand, despite the vendor's up-card. On the off chance that you get an eight and a pro or a nine and a pro, you should stand. This is on the grounds that these mixes of cards are probably the best mix that you can take in this game thus, it is difficult to improve these hands. Generally, in these circumstances, you can stand and keep up this beneficial situation to exploit the majority of them. It is important to perceive how to act in these particular cases and not to play wrong these hands since they bring you huge winning possibilities. The other move (in any event, multiplying down) will actually want to place you in a negative position or lead you to lose. 

One more circumstance is best for you to stand is that in the event that you get a sum of 12 and the vendor's up-card is a six, a five, or a four. It is prescribed to utilize this move in the event that the complete of your hand is 13, 14, 15, or 16 and the vendor's up-card is somewhere in the range of two and six. For the excess season of these cases, your most ideal alternative is hit. Other than that, there are likewise two circumstances in that an essential technique requires standing. The principal circumstance is that you get a delicate 18 hand and the up-card of the vendor is an eight, a seven, or a two, and the subsequent circumstance is that you get a couple of 9's and the seller's up-card is an ace, a seven, or a ten. 

Delicate 17 Rule 

In this game, you get the chance to decide if to stand or hit by focusing on your hand's aggregate and it is plausible to choose to perform distinctively each time. Be that as it may, about the vendor, he isn't permitted to perform so on the grounds that he needs to perform observing the guidelines which have been set up. He plays consequently, which implies that he needs to take the actions that are chosen by the game's guidelines. The standard delicate 17 shows him the manner in which he needs to play on the off chance that he gets in any event one delicate 17 hand. In every club, this standard may be unique, yet it is not difficult to figure whether the vendor hits or stands on the blends of cards since it is usually shown on the Blackjack table with the payout. 

Since this standard impacts the house edge altogether, it is important to know in advance whether the seller should be to stand or hit on delicate 17. By and large, the seller is needed to remain on more than or equivalent to 17 and he needs to hit on lesser than or equivalent to 16 that works to help the club. Consequently, you should discover varieties that permit the seller to hit on delicate 17 since it expands the vendor's danger of busting. It is fundamental for consider it ahead of time since gratitude to it, you can change appropriately your essential system and take the best actions. 

In the event that you want to be a steady victor, you ought to follow one essential system which underpins you to make the most ideal choices on the Blackjack table.

On the off chance that you can perceive when to stand or when to hit, you can upgrade your game essentially and raise your triumphant possibilities. Since Blackjack is one of the club games with a low house edge, so on the off chance that you utilize effectively a fundamental system, you can upgrade the aftereffect of each hand by and large and reliably win. On the off chance that you want to take the best action, knowing the Blackjack's standards and focusing on your hand's complete are adequately not. Subsequently, it will be better in the event that you consider your triumphant chances in a particular circumstance and the vendor's up-card since they have a significant job in the consequence of the hand.

White Orchid Slot Machine 

Appreciate jam-pressed activity with the nature-themed IGT space White Orchid. This 5-reel, 40-payline video space offers you an opportunity to play 1024 different ways when you twofold your wager. IGT has had incredible accomplishment with other “1024 ways” openings like Red Mansions, Treasures of Troy, and Crown of Egypt, among others, as they offer an entirely pleasurable encounter for online spaces players with numerous triumphant chances that lead to some really good estimated wins. 


Enter the Enchanted Jungle 

The White Orchid slots includes a ladylike touch with pink and white as the unmistakable tones. The attention on nature gives it a seriously loosening up feel and a retreat for players who aren't enthusiasts of the activity loaded, male-accommodating games by IGT, for example, Star Trek — Against all Odds. Be that as it may, White Orchid is something other than the cliché girly opening game; there's additional underneath its surface. 

The images in this game incorporate the White Orchid Logo, the White Orchid, the Man, the Lady, the Frog, the Cheetah, and the Butterfly, just as playing card images. The playing card images are much the same as the cards that are utilized to play genuine cash table games on the web. The White Orchid Logo is wild and substitutes any remaining images separated from the White Orchid, which addresses the dissipate. The wild Logo just shows up on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 and the energizing reality is that you can get up to 4 stacked wilds on a reel to dramatically build your triumphant possibilities. 

Trigger up to a Maximum 130 Free Spins 

You will trigger the Free Spins reward when you get at any rate 3 White Orchid images on any situation in reel 3. Two White Orchids will win you 10 free twists, 3 will compensate you with 15 free twists, and 4 will yield 20 free twists, which is a liberal sum for an IGT space game. All the more significantly, you can retrigger extra free twists when at least 2 White Orchids land on reel 3. Similar measure of granting free twists is followed while procuring extra free twists. You can retrigger up to a most extreme 130 free twists. 

Wide Betting Range 

Like Red Mansions, the White Orchid space includes a wide wagering reach and players can begin wagering with simply a coin. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you need to empower the MultiWay Xtra, you should play each of the 1024 different ways. All pays are increased by the wager multiplier. 


This is a high-change opening game that is bound to draw in aficionados of IGT spaces, for example, the enchanted Diamond Queen or the feline themed Kitty Glitter space. Indeed IGT has worked really hard changing a land-based space into an engaging and exceptionally engaging on the web opening, so this space is an affirmed champ.

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